SEO: few tips

Some Basic things to consider for Search Engine Optimization, in short SEO
Writing rich text Content:
For any web page, Content is king. So try to have rich contents in the pages. Target the goal of your purpose through contents in the page.
Selecting correct keywords:
Choosing the right keywords is very essential since those keywords target the optimization process. Right keywords find your site in the search engine.
Optimizing your HTML page Title is very important for the search engines. The Page Title shows up as a first Clickable link in the search result. So the Page Title should be compelling to target the landing pages in your site.
Meta Description Tags:
Meta Tags, Meta Description Tag and Meta Keywords Tag are invisible text elements.
  • Meta Description Tag should be informative enough to list description of your page.
  • Keep the text in Meta Description Tag informative with minimum characters
  • Pair it up with Title Tag but do not repeat your title text in your Meta Description Tag.
  • Try including some of your valuable keywords which influences page ranking but do not stuff the description tag with long list of keywords.
Meta Keywords Tag
  • Although Meta Keyword Tags do not play that big role for optimization to search engines, but they should not be left out.
  • Meta Keywords Tag along with the Meta Description Tag helps in influencing the search engine rank.
  • The Keywords Tag is a word or phrases of the page document.
Use of Robot.txt
  • Robot.txt file allows the spiders to crawl knowing what they can and can't index. This is helpful in keeping spiders out of folders that you do not want index like the admin or secured folders, or even content that you don't want spiders to index.
  • Most of the spiders index any page they come across and links from them can be followed but still it is good idea to add a Robot Tag with the index and follow statements.
For example, letting spiders to index all pages' content
User-agent: *
Here's another example that would block spiders from indexing admin.php and cgi-bin, admin
User-agent: *
Disallow: /admin.php
Disallow: /cgi-bin/
Disallow: /admin/

Using Title and Alt attributes tells relevance of links to search engines.
Creating a Site Map Page - Since every page on the website will be linked to the sitemap, it allows web crawlers (and users) to quickly and easily find content of website.

Validate HTML and CSS making sure that there are no broken links and images in the pages.

Inbound links send visitors to your site; hence links building are important for your websites. Also Directories represent chance to describe about your site with well visitor targeted contents. Thus submitting to Open Directory Project, Yahoo! Directory also plays role for search engine optimization.