download your information from facebook

You can download a copy of your information that you have shared in facebook. On your facebook "account settings", go to the 'download your information' and click the ' download'.

Visit the facebook site for more details


In-Page Analytics from Google Analytics

We can now visually analyse data in Google Analytics with the In-Page Analytics. In-Page Analytics which is in beta at the moment, helps to analyse the website pages with the user interaction.
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NORAD Tracks Santa

NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defence Command and the Google have teamed up again this year to track the Santa. Find more about the Norad Santa Tracker,


make your blogger blogs compatible with the mobile

You can make your blogger blog compatible with mobile simply by Loging into
1. Login to
2. Choose your blog from the dashboard.
3. Click on "Settings" and then click on "Email & Mobile"
4. On the Show mobile template options, choose [ ]
5. Click on Mobile Preview.

google holiday doodle and Nepal

Google had an impressive holiday doodle today with 17 holiday pictures of the world. The holiday doodle today also includes Nepal. Click the third last picture in the second row and it takes you to Nepal, Google doodle Nepal. Not to forget, Nepal is also celebrating the Visit Nepal 2011.

It took 250 hours to make the pictures of Google doodle : The Huffington Pos