QA critical to web development company

Web Quality
Quality is a tough concept when you are dealing with a web site. Web Quality refer to measurable characteristics- things we are able to compare to known standards such as:
HTML standards
HTML Validation
Validating links
CSS Validation
Validating accessibility

In practical terms, this requires a site to validate against a series of checkpoints. These include:
  • Checking for broken links.
  • Checking for missing content, e.g. images.
  • Checking for missing page titles.
  • Checking the spelling and grammar of content.
  • Checking for missing metadata.
  • Checking the file sizes of pages to ensure they are not too large.
  • Checking for browser compatibility.
  • Checking that applications are functioning correctly, e.g. online forms.
  • Checking that any Server Side Scripting or other languages function correctly.
  • Checking that legal and regulatory guidelines are being adhered to, e.g. data protection and privacy.
  • Checking that pages conform to your organisation's Web-Accessibility standard (if any), e.g. missing 'alt-tags'.
  • Checking that the Website Design standard is maintained.