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The Google+ Local has added Zagat to review any local business. With this new Google+ Local, users will require Google Plus account to post any reviews.
Integrated Zagat reviews ( )
For years, Zagat has provided trustworthy, concise, user-generated reviews, and we are excited to bring these to Google+ Local. We’ve also updated our scoring system to Zagat’s time-tested 30-point scale, so that users can better share their view about what makes a place unique.

Google+ Local Scores Explanation :
When you’re searching for locations in Google+ Local, you may see these scores depicted in two ways:Scores with multiple aspects
These scores will show you several scores for different aspects of the business. For example, restaurants are scored across three areas--food, decor, and service--with food being the primary aspect.
Overall scores
When we don’t have enough user ratings on different aspects, we will just show an overall score. An overall score is comparable to a score in the primary aspect for a location, like food for restaurants.