Low quality exact match domains - Google Updates

Google updates their algo again and this time Google reduces search results for "exact match" domains with low quality.


Google Webmaster specific quality guidelines

Google has provided specific quality guidelines in its Webmaster Guidelines. These guidelines help your website get crawled and indexed.

- Do not use hidden text or link.
- Avoid cloaking or sneaky redirects.
- Do not send automated queries to Google.
- Not to load pages with irrelevant keywords.
- Avoid duplicate content.
- Do not create pages with malicious programs
- No doorway pages to cheat search bots.
- Provide a value/reason for your customers to visit your site if your site uses affiliate program.



Google Authorship in Search

Google displays author information in the Google search results and if you want to display your authorship information for the content you create in the Google search results,
- you will need to create your Google+ profile and then verify authorship of your content, i.e link your Google+ Profile with the content you create.

Google provides following two methods to link your Google+ profile with the content you create. [ learn more ]
1.  Using verified email address to link to your content. i.e verify your email address ( on the same domain as your content.
2. Build authorship by linking your content to your Google+ Profile.
- from your webpage, create a link to your Google+ profile. i.e <a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a>
- Edit your Google+ Profile, and add your website link in the "Contributor to" Section.

You can use structured data testing tool to check what author data Google has extracted.


Listing Being Reviewed in Google Places

Pending - being reviewed
The business listing is Pending and is being reviewed in the Google Places dashboard. The Google system automatically marks any business listing as pending and is placed in a queue to be manually reviewed by their team.
Why is my listing being reviewed?

Your listing contains a term or other behavior that we monitor, so it has been automatically earmarked by our system for further review. This is a temporary state and is expected behavior for terms that require manual judgment



Google is rolling out Panda Updates

Panda Updates history,

Header Photo in Twitter

You can now upload header photo in twitter, @abeen

More from
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Google updates algo - Matt tweets


We currently do not support the location in Google Places

Received the PIN, verified and this is what we see if we try to "See your listing on Google" in the dashboard. Yes, Google still has not solved this "We currently do not support the location" issue.
This is a newly created business listing and needs to have citations as well.